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Wine Bottle

Your Wine: Unbound

No Glass

“We had a GREAT time at the waterfront concerts where they don’t allow glass bottles. No Prob, we poured out our clunky wine bottles into our Wine2Go’s and game on!”
– Heather G.

Full Bottle

“It’s the most simple accessory for any wine lover. I grew tired of finding creative ways to lug around a wine bottle to concerts, my book club and movie dates… With Wine2Go, I can take a FULL BOTTLE with me anywhere.”
– Holly


“My fiancée loves wine and so the portable wine bottle was great for her during our camping trip so she didn’t have to lug around a heavy bottle or worry about throwing it away.”
– Logan W.


“When empty, they FOLD up to almost nothing. When full, they easily manipulate to what you have in your bag. These were the perfect item to hit the river and float on or taking in a concert in the park.”
 – Kyle L.

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